About us

Our History

Louise and I have been friends for ages and have taken time to enjoy many a pot of tea together.

We didn’t like all the gimmicky Jasmine Pearls and Feng Shui teas but we wanted more than just a boring tea bag, whatever its shape.

Having struggled to find tea we really enjoyed, a long conversation one summer’s afternoon led us to deciding we should see if we could find the sort of teas we liked and start up our own business offering them to other discerning tea drinkers.

We then spent many happy hours tasting teas from all around the world and selected some of the best for our range.

The teas we have settled on stay true to our objective; they are much better quality than the big tea bag brands but don’t stray into the strange and unfathomable.

At the same time as Louise and I were having these thoughts, David Pearce, our local Farm Shop owner, was planning to create a Café as an extension to his business and he wanted to make tea a real feature. He offered us the opportunity to supply the tea and tealicious was born!

We worked with David to ensure that his Café would become the place to go to for the perfect tea moment. That meant not just finding the best teas but finding everything from the best water heater to the best tea pots as well.

It was a natural progression to offer the same teas in attractive 100gm packets and caddies for sale in the shop and before we knew it we had a business which enabled us to enjoy our passion and offer what we had found to others.

Hardly had we sat back to congratulate ourselves when a friends casual conversation with a café owner in East London resulted in us supplying to his 3 outlets.

This was starting to get exciting!

We decided that our next step should be to establish a web site so that we could offer our increasingly popular range of teas to a wider audience and these are the final words before its launch.

We don’t know where this adventure will lead us but Louise and I are really excited and I’ll keep you updated on my blog as to how things go from here.


Take Time for Tealicious