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Rwanda Green - A delicious Green Tea with an African twist

rwanda green loose leaf tea Tealicious
About Rwanda Green

In 1975 the Rwandan government and an American tea company, Tea Importers Inc. formed a joint venture and Tea Importers undertook to build a tea factory at Kinihira. This factory not only provided badly needed employment and income to the area but also pioneered new and innovative thinking in Rwandan tea production.

It was the first tea producer in Rwanda to make Orthodox tea and then the first to produce Green Tea.

Because the Green tea from Rukeri Tea Estate is made from the Camellia Sinensis var. assamica, it is completely different to the usual green teas produced from the sinensis variety.

It has a clean fresh and invigorating impact on the pallet and is often consumed after food as a digestive.

rwanda green loose leaf tea Tealicious
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