Tealicious Ltd – who we are….

Started by 2 friends at the end of 2011, Tealicious is a small family run business based in Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire.

When Katie and Louise used to meet at a café or garden centre the conversation would almost invariably start off with a comment on the tea bag floating in the cup or the metal tea pot which wouldn’t pour.

They realised that it was almost impossible to get a good quality loose leaf tea served in a proper tea pot.

So they decided to do it themselves and Tealicious was born.

Katie’s husband Nigel had spent his whole career working as a Tea Taster, Buyer and Blender so it was easy for them to get the contacts they needed and after tasting many samples they found the right teas to meet their exacting requirements.

They also tried out many different tea pots before finding one they were happy to recommend and supply.

So, now with a wide range of teas including a Chamomile and an Earl Grey and having been joined by Nigel, and Louise’s husband, Simon, Tealicious is ready to expand, offering its range to a wider tea loving audience.

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