The Tealicious Tea Expert

Nigel Adams joined Lyons Tetley as a Trainee Tea Taster and after more than 35 years ‘steeped in tea’ he recently took early retirement from Tata Global Beverages where he was Director of Primary Tea Buying with responsibility for 5 international offices buying more than 60 million kilos of tea per year.

He has visited most tea growing countries including Japan, Indonesia, China, Vietnam, India (where he lived for a year), Bangladesh, Kenya, Malawi, Rwanda, Burundi, Turkey and Russia and given press, radio and television interviews in Australia, America and Canada as well as across the UK and Europe.

Nigel’s knowledge of tea comes from years of tasting, buying and blending tea for the second biggest tea company in the world and he has an in depth understanding of consumer’s needs.

We are thrilled that Nigel has now joined the Tealicious Team and with his experience and his international network of contacts in the tea industry we are confident that the Tealicious range of teas will prove to be exceptionally popular.

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