Afternoon Tea 100gm Packet


Lighter blend perfect for drinking with cake or a biscuit

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Afternoon Tea

  1. A lighter blend for the Afternoon tea moment
  2. A blend of predominantly Ceylon tea with a little Assam tea to give it a little more ‘body’
  3. In the 1840s when Anna, the 7th Duchess of Bedford started taking tea with a light meal in the middle of the afternoon, little did she know she was starting a tradition that would become so popular or last so long.

The habit of taking an hour in the afternoon to share tea, sandwiches, cakes and conversation with friends is often limited to weekends or tea rooms today. However it is so ingrained in our culture that many visitors to the UK are amazed to find that everything doesn’t stop for Tea every afternoon.

To ensure that when you do want to find time for the Afternoon Tea moment, we have designed a perfect blend for the occasion.

Based on a light pungent Ceylon we have added a little Assam to give it some thickness and deliver a tea for you to enjoy with your pastries and cakes.

  • Tasters say – light, balanced, rounded, little pungent.
  • Looks – golden, light
  • Region – Uva, Sri Lanka and Assam, India
  • Brew – For best results, 3 – 4 mins (but you will work out what’s best for you) Tastes great with or without milk.

Take Time for Tealicious

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Weight100 g
Dimensions4.5 × 7.5 × 20 cm


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