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Tea Quality and what it means.

When it comes to giving you the best possible quality, tealicious take a different approach to most other companies.

Tea is an agricultural product and the tea bushes on any estate will be plucked throughout the year in some climates this can be as often as every 10 days! Depending on the time of year, the weather on the day and even the mood of the tea maker, the quality from each tea estate will vary throughout the year.

Most tea companies will either ignore these variations and offer a ‘single estate tea’ which they know will vary depending upon when it was plucked or, blend a number of teas together to eliminate variation but reduce overall quality.

At tealicious we think it is important to let you have the best single estate tea that is available at the time. This means you may notice a slight difference from one pack to another but this is because it is the best Assam, Darjeeling or Ceylon Uva tea that we can source for you and it will exhibit all the best qualities that you would expect from that tea district.

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